MCGREGOR (Street: G 19/7/1895) 

Robert McGregor, MLA for Emerald Hill, 1880-83.

Robert MacGregor (1825-1883) was born in Banffshire, Scotland.  He was educated in Edinburgh, and arrived in Melbourne about 1852.  McGregor settled in Emerald Hill and was soon after appointed headmaster of the South Melbourne Wesleyan day school, and in 1863 founded the South Melbourne Grammar School in Albert Road.  This was the first secondary school in South Melbourne. From about 1867 he supplemented his income by also becoming an estate agent.  By 1873 evening classes to prepare for matriculation, entry to the civil service, and commercial examinations were being offered.  McGregor entered politics in the ‘Liberal cause’, first as MLA for Fitzroy (1877-1879), and then Emerald Hill (1880 –1883), when he died of heart disease. He married Sarah Brown in 1858, producing five sons and six daughters, not all of whom survived him.

References: Miles; G&S; Priestley; Thomson and Serle


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