IFFLA (Street: G 19/7/1895; Little Iffla Street, G 10/7/1895) 

Solomon Iffla, a highly respected citizen, Councillor; Mayor,

Dr Solomon Iffla (1820-1887) was born in Kingston, Jamaica, the son of Isaac (Solomon) and Hannah Iffla. He gained the diploma of Licentiate, Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, in 1846, and married Rachel Henriques (c1816–1874) in1847 in Kingston.

Iffla migrated to Adelaide in about 1851, where he practiced in in Grenfell Street, and then moved to Melbourne July, 1853 where he was one of the first Jewish doctors. He was involved with the Philosophical Institute of Victoria (Council Member 1856, 1857; Life Member 1858; Vice-President & Life Member, 1859) and the Philosophical Society of Victoria (Council Member 1855), both of which merged with the Royal Society of Victoria (Council Member, 1860; Life Member 1860-1872).  As such, Dr Iffla was one of the supporters of the Burke and Wills expedition. He was notorious for his involvement in the Smith v Iffla libel case in 1882.

In local affairs he was a South Melbourne Councillor between 1877 and 1880, being Mayor in 1879-80.

References: Miles; Goldman; familysearch.org; Photo: CPPC; Stephen Due

2 Responses to “IFFLA”

  1. portplaces Says:

    Thank you for this detailed and helpful resource on the streets of South Melbourne.
    Can you say more about ‘notorious for his involvement in the Smith v Iffla libel case?

  2. Lyell Iffla Reserve – Port Places Says:

    […] Thanks to Rob Grogan’s research on the history of South Melbourne streets, we can learn more about former South Melbourne Councillors Andrew Lyell and Dr Solomon Iffla. […]

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